Do you want to gain more patients and more profit?

Do you want the freedom to run your practice in the way YOU want?

In a 2020 industry survey, chiropractors identified their biggest challenges as problems managing the business. But reaching your potential isn’t something you have to do on your own.

The Chiropractic Entrepreneur Framework exists to help you become your best personally, professionally and financially. Build the practice of your dreams by learning and implementing real business strategies and skills.

Course Curriculum

This is the most comprehensive business and leadership training for chiropractors. You'll work through 9 chapters which include practical learning with downloadable workbooks, templates, and matrixes for implementing these real strategies and skills into your own business. Access to content is available for 365 days (yearly renewal available).

  • 01

    Defining Moments! The Path to Get Started on Your CEF Journey!!!

  • 02

    Leadership Success! Being Your Best Self!

    • It's All About YOU

    • Want Motivation?!?

    • Values vs Performance Matrix - You Will Use This For The Next Video Module - First Who, Then What!

    • Sample Interview Guide - You Will Use This For The Next Video Module - First Who, Then What!

    • Org Chart Example.pdf - You Will Use This For The Next Video Module - First Who, Then What!

    • First Who, Then What

    • What the F*CK is Six Sigma?

    • Six Sigma and Steak

    • Never Stop!

  • 03

    Vision Gear - Strategy Roadmap for Growth!

    • The Chiropractic Entrepreneur Assessment

    • Vision Gear - What's Your Strategy Roadmap?

    • Vision Gear - Brandtastic!

    • Vision Gear - One Year Target

    • ROF Sheet

    • Vision Gear - Patient Satisfaction is Fools Gold!

    • Vision Gear - SMART Goals for 90 Days

    • Vision Gear - Operational Problem Solving for Success

    • Vision Gear - Driving Vision to Success

    • Patient Satisfaction is For Fools Quiz

  • 04

    Culture Gear - Build the Culture You Want!

    • Culture Gear - Your Most Important Asset - People!

    • Values vs Performance Matrix

    • Sample Interview Guide

    • Org Chart Example

    • Culture Gear - Connection for Practice Ascension!

  • 05

    KPI Gear - You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure!

    • KPI Scorecard - You Will Use This For The Next Video Module - KPI Gear - Your Practice's Scoreboard and KPI Playbook!

    • KPI Gear - Your Practice's Scoreboard and KPI Playbook

  • 06

    Process Gear - Operational Excellence Framework!

    • Process Gear - Pareto and Proficiency for Operational Excellence!

  • 07

    OPS Gear - Solving the Biggest Practice Problems Creates Massive Opportunity!

    • OPS Gear - Getting To the Root Cause

  • 08

    Growth Gear - Time to LEVEL UP!!!

    • Growth Gear - Taking It To The Next Level

    • Favorite Books List!

    • Congratulations!

    • The Greatest Gain

  • 09

    Chiropractic 2.0: The Technology Adjustment for Exponential Growth!

    • The Inevitable Disruption - Technology

  • 10

    Course Feedback

    • Please tell us what you thought of our course!


Your Instructor

Dr. Jay Greenstein is an innovator and thought leader in healthcare. His experience in building a multimillion dollar organization, as well as his formal training at University of Maryland and the Wharton School of Business, has led to his ability to solve the common and challenging pain points of everyday practice, and for the communities we serve.

He has owned and operated his own chain of practices for over 25 years. From that experience he’s faced every challenge in the space and grown from each. In addition to his business acumen, he’s given back to the profession by serving on multiple boards and affiliations. He believes that in addition to serving the patients in his own practice, he can also help patients outside his network by helping their doctors learn and grow. As a result, he now works to help other doctors overcome the challenges they face.

Dr. Jay is the CEO and founder of a highly impactful, multi-division organization – a five-location, evidence-based, chiropractic-rehab practice, a human performance and wellness company, and a 501(c)(3) non-profit, clinical research institute. He is a sought after international speaker and consultant.

What The Experts Are Saying!

“Jay Greenstein is a bright star among chiropractic entrepreneurs. He was a master of Salesforce and EOS/Traction before most entrepreneurs were even aware that they existed. His experience in owning and managing one of the most successful healthcare practices in the country has provided him with a depth of real-world practical knowledge. His passion for the chiropractic profession is highlighted by his support of evidence-based chiropractic research and guidelines, as well as his countless hours of volunteered service. If you’re ready to take your practice and leadership skills to the next level, this course is your opportunity to learn from the master.”

Dr. Mark Sanna

DC, ACRB Level II, FICC - President, Breakthrough Coaching

“Dr. Jay is one of the smartest business minds in the profession. His Chiropractic Entrepreneur Framework training is powerful. The modules and concepts were easy to digest. What I found most valuable was when he talked about growth, investing in your team, and building the right culture. The data, quizzes and methods he shares are really valuable. This is the type of information we should've learned in school but didn't. Every DC needs this foundation.”

Dr. Matthew Loop

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Often chiropractors think all you need is to be a good clinician to have a thriving practice. The reality is, that is just the table stakes. You also need to understand business, team, and culture development in your practice. Kaizenovate's Chiropractic Entrepreneur Framework teaches you a step-by-step process to transform your practice into a thriving business that helps serve your community and keep you fascinated and motivated about being a chiropractic entrepreneur. ”

Dr. Kevin Christie

CEO, Modern Chiropractic Marketing and Chiropractic Success Academy. Founder, Health-Fit Chiropractic and Sports Recovery

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